While Reading the Letter of an Angel

Anjolie York | Robert Krokowski


Anjolie York | Robert Krokowski
While Reading the Letter of an Angel
ISBN 978-3-943852-10-3
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46 pages including text and 86 pictures

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While reading a letter of an angel has come to existence by the intensive coope-ration of two people, who have never met (until now): the American artist Anjolie York and the Berlin artist Robert Krokowski.

Anjolie York took photographs and placed them on an internet platform. In 2007 her focus lay on self-portraits. Self-portraits with such a characteristic trait to intrigue Robert Krokowski. That year’s summer he invited her to take part in a project within the framework of »letters of angels«. He sent her five unique words to make out their purport during the time of cooperation.

This was the beginning of a journey that none of them ever expected. Anjolie York started to work with the letters: upon her body as self-descriptions, on self-portraits, in the sand, on paper – and she took photos of her work. An exchange of emails started all across the Atlantic that still lasts. In spite of the time lag or even because of it sometimes semi-daily or more. Anjolie York took in the letterings, experimented with them and finally invented an own one – that is now inherent part of it.

As time went by letters of angels became one focus of attention – and dance the other.

While reading a letter of an angel the reader will face texts and photographs as equal (dance-)partners. Potographs don’t illustrate the text, the text does not describe the photographs – instead a dialoge, a tête-à-tête takes place.

While Reading the Letter of an Angel While Reading the Letter of an Angel